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Testimonials -- Customer Feedback from softsertTM Brand Applicator Users

"I have been wearing contacts for about a month now and with your product I can get them in first try. I have dropped them, lost them and had so much trouble. Now they are so easy to get in & my eyes don't burn from too much handling. I'm so glad I found you. Thanks!" M.D. New Jersey.

"Hey there - these work! No more folding in half or popping back out!" M.S. California.

"Contact inserter works terrific-contacts not a pain anymore." B.T. New Jersey.

"I have used this device ever since I've been wearing contact lenses and could not live without one of these. Thank you so much." L.M. Oklahoma.

Patented softsert Soft Lens Applicator

Patented softsert+plus Soft Lens Applicator Remover