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The softsertTM Soft Contact Lens Applicator

The original softsert brand contact lens applicator has been recommended by thousands of eye care practitioners since 1977 and many thousands of lens wearers have already made their lens handling simpler by using this proven "time saving" aid.

Obviously, not every wearer experiences difficulty, but for those who struggle with handling and applying their Soft, GP Scleral and Hybrid lenses, this remarkable device is invaluable. It's simply a more efficient method -- saving much time and frustration.

The softsert brand Applicator's novel finger attachment is user friendly and the rubber cup helps provide support preventing a soft lens from inverting during application. This device also works wonders with GP Scleral and Hybrid lenses preventing trapped bubbles during insertion. A gentle touch to the eye is all that's needed to release the lens.

Our softsert brand Applicator offers a cleaner and more sanitary way of applying contact lenses. It's even used by many professionals and their staff as a more efficient way of applying lenses onto their patient's eyes during the fitting procedure. It certainly makes a valuable addition to any contact lens dispensary.

The softsert+plusSoft Contact Lens Applicator / Remover