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Application Instructions

NOTE: The soft lens must come in complete flush contact with your eye in order for the lens to release. It can be applied directly onto the cornea (color), onto the white of your eye or a combination thereof. Practice will enable you to develop the correct angle to engage the cup and lens flush against the eye. No need to press hard…just a gentle touch is all that's needed to apply the lens.

Occasionally the lens may not release even though flush contact has been made with the eye. Make sure the lens is centered on the cup and place a couple of drops of sterile saline or multipurpose solution into the lens before applying. This should eliminate the problem.

REMEMBER: When not in use, softsert should be kept clean and sanitary by placing it in the provided storage container with a soft lens multipurpose solution that should be changed regularly. The applicator and storage container can also be washed using a mild liquid soap.

IMPORTANT: Replace your softsert applicator every 6 months to maintain proper hygiene.

Patented softsert Soft Lens Applicator

Instructions for using the softsert brand lens applicator