softsert for soft contact lens inserters softsert+plus, the best soft contact lens applicator-remover The best soft contact lens applicator remover
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Testimonials -- Customer Feedback from softsert+plusTM Remover/Applicator Users

"Neat little gadget to help with a big problem. Thanks!" J.H. Texas.

"Thank you for your great product. Without it I don't think I would ever have used my contacts again, as I just had too much difficulty with them." L.D. Texas.

"You've made my wife's life so much easier with these." D.M. Maryland.

"For years I have been using softsert plus -- can't do without it! It makes contact lens usage so much easier." J.W. Colorado.

Patented softsert Soft Lens Remover/Applicator

Patented softsert+plus Soft Lens Applicator Remover