softsert for soft contact lens inserters softsert+plus, the best soft contact lens applicator-remover The best soft contact lens applicator remover
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The softsert+plusTM Soft Contact Lens Remover/Applicator

The softsert+plus Soft Contact Lens Remover/Applicator is quite unique amongst its competition. As a soft lens remover, it uses a "reverse action" principle to remove a lens from the eye. Unlike your fingers, you squeeze to open this device and relax the tension to allow it to close. As a remover, the tension is built right into softsert+plus remover so you can't harm the lens or your eye from squeezing too hard.

Squeeze to open the softsert+plus Soft Contact Lens applicator remover. Relax to remove the softsert+plus Soft Contact Lens applicator remover. The softsert+plus Soft Contact Lens applicator remover compresses the lens, making it easier to fit in narrow eyelids.
Squeeze to Open Relax 2 Remove Reduces Lens Size

As an applicator, softsert+plus also has a unique advantage -- the split cup is designed to reduce the vertical diameter of the lens -- shaping it into an oval. For example, a 14mm diameter soft lens is effectively reduced to 11mm, making it easier for a wearer with a narrow lid aperture to apply a soft lens. And, like all our products, a gentle touch to the eye is all that's needed to apply the lens.

The softsert+plusSoft Contact Lens Applicator / Remover