softsert for soft contact lens inserters softsert+plus, the best soft contact lens applicator-remover The best soft contact lens applicator remover
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Application Instructions

  1. Wet cup with sterile saline or a soft lens multipurpose solution.
  2. Place clean soft lens onto cup and center. Fig.1 to right.
  3. Irrigate inside surface of positioned soft lens. Gently shake off excess solution.
  4. Hold softsert+plus so that separation between cup halves is horizontal as illustrated. Note that when held in this position the size of the lens is decreased from top to bottom, thus making placement of the lens between the eyelids easier. Fig.1 to right.
  5. Proceed to apply the soft lens onto the cornea (color), onto the sclera (white) or a combination thereof. Finger grips should not be squeezed while applying the lens. Fig. 2 to right. No need to push hard -- Just a gentle touch, flush against the eye applies the lens.

REMEMBER: When not in use, your softsert+plus Remover/Applicator should be kept clean and sanitary by placing it in the provided storage container with a soft contact lens multipurpose solution. The softsert+plus Remover Applicator and the storage container can also be washed using a mild liquid soap.

IMPORTANT: Replace your softsert+plus Remover Applicator every 6 months to maintain proper hygiene.

Patented softsert+plusTM Soft Contact Lens Remover/Applicator

Place clean soft lens onto cup and center
Figure 1

Just a gentle touch, flush against the eye applies the lens
Figure 2
Squeeze to open
Figure 3
Relax to remove
Figure 4

softsert+plus was invented and patented by Dr. Michael Feldman, an optometrist who is a leader and innovator in the contact lens field.

Removal Instructions

IMPORTANT: Wash your softsert plus and storage container before initial use.

  1. Hold softsert+plus so that separation between cup halves is vertical as in Fig. 3, above right.
  2. Squeeze ridged finger grips together causing cup halves to fully separate.
  3. Pull down lower lid with opposite hand.
  4. Using Firm Continuous Pressure apply the tips of the separated cup halves to the lower portion of the lens. (Fig. 3, above right) Overlapping onto the white of the eye is OK.
  5. Making sure that "both" separated tip are pressed firmly against the lower edge of the lens at 4 & 8 o'clock, relax tension at finger grips allowing cup halves to return to closed position. Remember to continue pressing against the lens until the cup halves have returned to original closed position… just as you would if you were using your fingers Fig. 4, above right.

When removing very thin lenses, it may be necessary to gently slide the lens off the cornea using the closed cup halve tips after completion of step 5. With stiffer lenses like torics and silicone hydrogels, it is very important to place the open tips "firmly" at the outside edge of the lens at 4 & 8 o'clock. Continue pressing against the lens until the cup halves close.

If these steps have been followed correctly, the soft lens will fold off the eye without fear of damaging the lens or your eye. There is no worry of squeezing too hard, as this will only open the device. The removal tension is built into softsert+plus Remover/Applicator to insure safety

Recommended by Thousands of Eye Care Practitioners Since 1979

The softsert+plus Remover/Applicator is quite unique amongst its competition. As a soft lens remover, it uses a "reverse action" principle to remove a lens from the eye. Unlike your fingers, you squeeze to open this device and relax the tension to allow it to close. The built-in removal tension helps insure safety.

As an applicator, the softsert+plus Remover/Applicator also has a unique advantage -- the split cup is designed to reduce the vertical size of the lens. The lens assumes an oval shape making application much easier for a wearer with small eyes. And like all softsert products, just a gentle touch to the eye is all that's needed to apply the lens.

Your softsert+plus Remover/Applicator offers a cleaner and more sanitary means of removing and applying your soft lenses. Keep your nails -- No need to trim them when you use the softsert+plus Remover/Applicator as lenses are removed safely without fingernails getting in the way. Many thousands of lens wearers have already made their lens handling simpler by using this proven "time saving" aid.