softsert for soft contact lens inserters softsert specializes in soft contact lens applicators, removers and viewers Soft contact lens insertion, there is a better way.
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About softsert inc

softsert inc began doing business in 1977 and was created by Dr. Michael Feldman, an optometrist who is also the president of the company. Dr. Feldman is a leader in the contact lens field and the inventor and patent holder of each of the contact lens aids found on this site.

All 3 devices can be used by the eye care professional in the office when fitting patients or the contact lens wearer at home. All three of these devices are unique in how they function -- so some wearers may benefit more from one device than the others depending on their problem.

For instance, a person with small eyes may be able to apply a soft lens more efficiently with softsert+plus. This device actually makes the lens oval and smaller from top to bottom, so it's easier to fit between the lids. This same device can also remove a soft lens from the eye.

Another illustration would be someone who has very thin or thick lenses and some dexterity problems. The orginal softsert applicator fits on the finger and is easy to manipulate. Its soft rubber cup supports the lens walls, preventing it from folding back. The soft cup also holds the lens securely, preventing it from falling -- and, as with all our aids, just a gentle touch applies the lens.


Both softsert and softsert+plus have been available since the late 70s with thousands of eye care practitioners using and recommending them to their patients. Many thousands of lens wearers have also benefitted from these devices over the years. lensvue2 is a new addition that addresses an ongoing problem for many soft lens wearers -- identifying an inside out lens. It's also an easy to use applicator -- all in one, so you can verify before you apply.

softsert inc Specializes in Unique, Quality Soft Contact Lens Accessories

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