softsert for soft contact lens inserters Lensvue2, the only soft lens viewer applicator The only soft lens viewer applicator, always apply soft lenses right side out
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Testimonials -- Customer Feedback from lensvue2TM Viewer/Applicator Users

"Before using your product, I was never a 100% sure if I was putting my lenses on inside out. Now I can easily see the lens logo and then quickly apply my lens with this product. It's so much easier and cleaner than what I used to do before." S.K. New York.

"With the Lensvue, I can see the lettering on my lens as if I were reading the biggest lettering on an eye chart. I don't have to guess anymore." C.S. Washington.

"I'll never have to put my lenses on inside out anymore! I love this product!" J.H. Arizona.

"My doctor has used Lensvue2 with me in the office and I was amazed that it's so gentle and so simple to apply. I'm happy that I can use this great little device at home." S.B. New York.

"This product is pure genius!!!!" A.K. Maryland.

"I can now get my contacts in without any problems. I love this product." J.B. Oklahoma.

"Exactly what I've been looking for, but didn't know existed." S.L. New York.

Testimonials -- Customer Feedback from lensvue2TM Soft Contact Lens Viewer/Applicator Users