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Lensvue2TM Soft-Lens Viewer/Applicator FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

Why am I having difficulty seeing the logo?
Why does the lens "slide" on the applicator tip?
How come the contact lens appears dirty while viewing?
Can I see if my lens is damaged through lensvue2 viewer?
Why does the lens release but then fold out of my eye on the first blink?
How can I make sure the lens releases onto my eye?
What causes the lens to fold back against the applicator?
How can I avoid my fingers knocking the lens off the applicator?
What causes the image to suddenly become blurred?

The NEW lensvue2TM Viewer/Applicator

Lensvue2 soft lens viewer/applicator FAQ

The lensvue2 soft contact lens viewer/applicator should be kept clean and sanitary by storing it in the provided storage container with a contact lens multipurpose solution -- applicator tip facing down. Fill container only 1/3 to prevent overflow and push the viewer/applicator down by closing the lid on the storage container. Upon opening the container, the lensvue2 viewer/applicator will pop up for easy removal. Change the multipurpose solution regularly!

Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting Tips

I'm having difficulty seeing the logo. (up to index)
  1. There are still some brands without a logo or print -- Your lens may be one of those.
  2. The lens may be off center on the applicator tip.
  3. The lens may be too wet -- Droplets can obscure the logo, allow to air-dry briefly.
  4. Rotate the eyepiece closely in front of your eye and look for the logo just outside the small circle in the center. For easier reading, rotate the logo to the top.
  5. Some logos are viewed better if you look "slightly" away from the light.
  6. If your prescription is very high, viewing through lensvue2 viewer/applicator with your glasses on will help. After the first lens is applied, you can then use that eye to inspect the second lens
The lens "slides" on the applicator tip. (up to index)
 The lens or applicator cup is too wet -- Allow to air-dry briefly or wipe the cup. Some multipurpose solutions are very slippery and the applicator cup must be wiped dry.
The contact lens appears dirty while viewing through lensvue2 viewer. (up to index)
  Everything is now magnified allowing you to easily see small bubbles, lint, fingerprints etc. If you've washed your hands and your lenses are new or have been cleaned, just rinse the contact lens gently before applying if you see too much debris. Remember, using lensvue2 viewer/applicator is cleaner than using your finger -- It's just that you couldn't see the microscopic debris before without the magnification.
Can I see if my lens is damaged through lensvue2 viewer? (up to index)
  The lensvue2 viewer's high magnification can help reveal small nicks and tears.


Lensvue2 Soft Lens Applicator/Viewer FAQ, Continued

The lens releases but folds out of my eye on the first blink. (up to index)
 Lift your chin slightly as you look straight ahead. Hold your upper lid so that you can see the white above the color of your eye. Apply the lens to the cornea (color) and then continue looking down while "gently" releasing your upper lid. If you've followed these steps correctly, the lens should remain in your eye after your first blink.
The lens does not release onto my eye. (up to index)
  1. It is important to have lensvue2 applicator approach the eye "straight on" so the lens makes 'flush' contact for easy release and avoid contact with your eyelashes.
  2. You may be pressing the lens too hard against the eye -- Just a gentle touch is all that's needed to release the lens.
  3. Place "one" drop of saline into the lens before applying.
The lens folds back against the applicator. (up to index)
  1. You're pressing too hard against your eye.
  2. You're applying the lens on an angle.
  3. Hold your lids wide open and avoid touching your eyelashes with the lens.
My fingers knock the lens off the applicator. (up to index)
  Always place your fingers close to the eyepiece (away from the applicator tip and lens) when viewing or applying.
The image has suddenly become blurred. (up to index)
  Water or solution may have entered into the eyepiece. Use a soft tissue inserted into the eyepiece to dry the back of the magnifying lens. Always try to keep the eyepiece from getting wet.