softsert for soft contact lens inserters lensvue2, the only soft lens viewer applicator The only soft lens viewer applicator, always apply soft lenses right side out
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Making Sure Your Lens is Not Inside Out

Referring to the photo to the right, place your lens centered onto lensvue2's clear applicator tip. High magnification helps reveal the tiny logo or print that most major soft lens manufacturers place on the "front surface" edge of their lenses. *If your lens has a logo, lensvue2 will make it highly visible, insuring that your lens is applied correctly. Hold lensvue2 close to your eye viewing through the eyepiece towards a light source. Rotate in front of your eye until the logo comes into view at the edge of the lens. The photo below taken through lensvue2 shows a CIBA logo reading correctly. Therefore the lens is not inside out and is ready to be applied by simply pointing the applicator tip towards you. lensvue2 can now apply your lens with just a gentle touch to your eye -- the transfer is automatic.

The New lensvue2 Viewer/Applicator

How to view soft lenses through the Lensview2 Viewer Applicator

Our NEW lensvue2 is a combination optical inspection aid and soft lens applicator that shows you if your lenses are inside out* -- insuring correct application each and every time.

Closeup CIBA Soft Lens Logo as Seen through lensvue2

Closeup CIBA Soft Lens Logo as Seen through lensvue2